Our Sensory Kids



Our sensory kids love to dress up! We have developed a structured song to engage in dressing up- without the chaos!

I have been collecting interesting hats for years now. When I am at the boot sale and walk passed the ugliest, most garish hats, I have to buy them!

This game develops skills to choose from a selection, to keep a hat on for a short period and to finish their turn and pass to a friend.



[name] has got the hat on, the hat on, the hat on, [name] has got the hat on… 54321 finished. He passes the box to….

I always start the session to model how to play and to be a silly and confident example of what I expect from all players (adults included!)

I rummage through the hat box to find one I like. I walk to the middle of the circle and do a silly dance in my hat as we all sing the song.

When the song has finished I put my hat back in the box and choose a friend to pass the box to so they can have a turn.

The kids love this game. They love watching the adults being silly. It is always a lovely session with lots of joy and laughter.

We keep our hat box ‘ready to go’ in our classroom cupboard for those ‘uh oh’ moments. It always rescues us and brings the mood back 👍


Tag yourselves playing the hat game on Instagram using the tag #oursensorykids to be featured