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Sensory Music

Music is a wonderful learning tool for our sensory kids. It supports engagement and adds fun to all areas of the curriculum. In our classroom we have songs for everything including putting our coats on for playtime.

I have discovered it is also a wonderful tool to support early communication. Through the games below you can develop early conversation skills with our sensory kids.



To start our session I want all ears focused and engaged, even if I don’t have eye contact. I ring the triangle and offer it to each child in turn, they reach out for it naturally.

They touch the triangle, feeling the vibrations of the sound, and in turn stopping the sound. They turn towards me, they engage. Almost like a handshake without actual human contact. I say “hello [name]” and move on to the next child.

It is calm, quiet and quick to get all ears ready to learn.



For many of our sensory kids, all elements of spontaneous social interaction are incredibly difficult. This activity aims to develop passing and retrieving from their friends in the circle and waiting for their turn.

For this you will need any instrument and a circle of children.


Play the drum, make a sound

Play the drum and pass it round.

I often don’t start singing until they have spontaneously starting playing or exploring the instrument to give them a chance as it is a quick turn.

You don’t have to just limit yourself to a drum you could use any instrument to pass around the circle in turn, just adapt the lyrics, for example:

Ring the bell, make a sound

Ring the bell and pass it round.


Blow the horn, make a sound

Blow the horn and pass it round

Anything will work if it has three syllables!



[wheels on the bus tune]

This is the way [name] plays the ___

Plays the ____, plays the _____

This is the way [name] plays the ___

Now it’s time to……


54321 [name’s] turn has finished, pass it to…

A lovely game to encourage OMG choosing their own instrument from a given selection, playing it how they want to and learning to start and finish on instruction.



Our sensory kids love to perform and lead the group at the front. They each get a turn to stand/sit at the front of the circle to lead their friends playing of the instruments.

If they are verbal they can say “play and play and play and play….. and STOP”

They could also sign or use a symbol for this.

If they cannot communicate in this way they can still conduct but they have an instrument as well. The children in the circle need to start and stop playing along with the conductor. The conductor often realises that they are controlling the entire class and enjoy this control and interaction- the funniest moment was when one of our sensory conductors threw their instrument so did half of the orchestra! But what a great group intensive interaction session!



To avoid noisy, busy and chaotic throwing instruments in the box when it’s time to finish, we developed this song:

[twinkle twinkle tune]

Musical instruments go to sleep,

Quiet, quiet, ’til next week,

Musical instruments not a peep

Quiet, quiet, ’til next week,

Musical instruments go to sleep,

Quiet, quiet ’til next week.

This song transformed how our sensory kids treated their instruments and put them away calmly and kindly.
I hope you enjoy trying out my sensory music session ideas. Please share yours with me by tagging #ourssensorykids I would love to hear them!