Our Sensory Kids



We have had so much fun completing our diy ideas this December. All sensory. All festive. All so easy to do! 

We started off with our Christmas Advent goals. We wrote down all of the lovely festive play we would like to do in December in the lead up to Christmas.  


We made reindeer food. I gathered a mixture of sensory ingredients and edible items including coloured rice, food colouring, oats, beads, glitter, raisins and sprinkles. We combined them like a potion and poured the mixture into a bag ready for Christmas Eve. Some raisins even made it into the bowl! 


We made these adorable reindeer hot chocolate gifts for family and friends by pouring in the cocoa powder, chocolate chips and  marshmallows. We knotted the bag shut. Then stuck a red Pom Pom nose and two eyes to the bag. The idea was to also stick pretzel antlers to the top.


We made a cinnamon version of our sensory play dough recipe (just click here) by adding a few sprinkles of ground cinnamon and nutmeg. We rolled out rounded balls for the reindeer head and body, placing sticks for antlers. I found black and red buttons for rudolf features. Some even had a bauble nose. A very festive activity to get you into the Christmas spirit!


We of course made salt dough decorations this year, an absolute must in my eyes. Everyone in our family got gifted one. This one was made for the big man himself 😏 Click here for the link to our recipe.


Every year I forget how easy gingerbread is to make, why don’t we make it all year round!? Simply delicious and makes the whole house smell incredible!


As well as having free reign on our actual tree, my sensory child and I also had great fun putting together this shaving foam sensory tree. Just fill up a plastic bottle with water and wrap with foil. Cover the surface with food coloured saving foam and decorate away. 


Boring brown paper would never do in sensory house. We thought we would decorate ours, but it looked more like a murder scene than festive wrapping paper! (Used it anyway!)


We wrote a teeny Christmas story to read on Christmas Eve. It hangs on our tree and will be kept for years to come.  


I totally cheated on this one and bought a brownie mix- the tree decorating was all us though, can you tell??


Our busy and difficult to get to write kiddo loved cutting out present ideas from catalogues to write his letter to Santa this year. No stress, just fun and excitement! It also limits the stuff you can ask for 😏


Our sugar cookie recipe comes in handy again for these cute Christmas tree biscuits. We’re still making our way through all of our December baking! (Click here for the recipe)



December is such a fun time for makes and bakes! I’m hoping to carry on our stamina into the new year for more!!