Our Sensory Kids


Sensory Hot Chocolate

This wonderfully warming sensory tray idea is fantastic for children learning to prepare a snack, without any risk involved. They can play and explore the ingredients without any pressure to consume also, great for those that are intolerant to certain foods or taste defensive.

The concept is a pretend hot chocolate preperation station. You have a recipe and follow along step by step.

You could also just set up the props and allow the children to discover and create their own recipes.


  1. Hot drink cups and lids (Tesco)
  2. Rice painted brown (stir in paint and leave to dry over night, break up by stiring the following day)
  3. Cotton wool pads
  4. Foam peanuts
  5. Marshmallows
  6. Wooden spoon

Our sensory kids had great fun pretending to make drinks for their friends. Our children find imaginative play very difficult, but they could do this, as it is something they see often.

To make a drink for a friend is a real life skill, how lovely for them to practise this independently.

You could use this idea for other food or beverage items such as tea, coffee, ice cream parlour…. etc.

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