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Over on @oursensorykids Instagram page, we have been having so much fun exploring the colours of the rainbow together. We have featured some fantastic new ideas of how to engage our sensory kiddos in play and learning…

We started off the week with a rainbow tuff tray filled with our most loved colourful sensory items from around the classroom. The kids (and adults) loved it and were instantly interested in it’s contents, despite having had access to all of these items all year. Thank you @nurseynerds_ for your fantastic share!


Next we added floral ribbons to our classroom fan. Another cheap and simple idea of adding interest in everyday classroom items. Our kiddos loved pressing the switch and feeling the wind and watching the ribbons dancing about. Literal STIM heaven!


This is the post that inspired the entire week of rainbow fun. It is just beautiful and irresistible! All you have to do is collect snow from outside or make fake snow (purchased online or from your local budget shop). Mix paint with water into spray bottles and spray in rainbow colour order on top.




Our lightbox has come in very useful in our week of colour. We love these sensory blocks anyway, and use them weekly. They are perfect for the rainbow theme. We built them up and knocked them down with a CRASH! We also enjoy these blocks on our mirror tuff tray too!


This share from @kidsactivitiesblog is literal sensory heaven! Why have I never thought to combine colourful sensory bins and UV lights?! Of course that will always be a great idea. Thanks to this share a UV light is top of my order list (which is ever growing!) I am sure all of our sensory kids will enjoy this, but it could be a great way of adapting sensory bins for our sensory visual impaired kiddos.

We love getting outside in all weathers. It’s essential to get all of those wiggles out and there is a whole load of learning to do outside of the classroom. This share from @creatingcreatives is perfect to combine rainbows with outdoor learning.

You can go on a nature hunt for each colour. This can be used in all seasons. You could laminate and keep your finds too, or just explore with your senses once you get back inside.


This share by @toddlerartideas was a fantastic reminder that sometimes tuff trays and sensory bins just aren’t enough. Sometimes you have to use your entire body to explore colours, patterns and textures. I love the idea of a movement break stretch combined with sensory play. Both integral parts of our sensory kids being able to cope and function, yet rarely combined.


We had great fun dying spaghetti like @nahdz_adventures . We used food colouring and set up our invitation to play in our tuff spot. The kids loved squeezing and squishing the pasta through their busy fingers and eating a truck load- obviously.


This share from @the_paige_diaries shows just how perfectly you can combine colour and mathematic problem solving skills. You can sort these wonderful pompoms in categories, you could match colours or textures, you could count how many of each, you could use propositional language to place the pompoms in different places around the bin, you could weigh certain amounts and compare. It also acts as a wonderful fine motor play activity for good measure.


We explored colourful water beads all week in lots of different ways, we will be finding them in all sorts of places for months I am sure!! Thank you @finding_myself_young These lovely water beads can be found on Amazon or Ebay for very very cheap! You can also use polenta beads as a non-toxic edible alternative. I have never frozen water beads though, this gorgeous share from @learningthroughplay8 shows just how effect and fun that can be too, i am definitely going to give that a try!


We always ensure we hold a lorry load of shaving foam at all times for those ‘uh oh’ moments. It never ceases to distract from a tricky situation! This share from @friendsartlab is just perfect. These kids used their hands and utensils to mix and combine paint colours added to the foam. What  wonderful messy colour kitchen idea! The great thing about messy play with shaving foam is that is just dissolves!!


A refreshed our Playdoh box for our week of colour. It was all bit dry and chewed on to be honest! These new colours are so vibrant and you can’t beat the real stuff for longevity, however much it pains me to admit!

This sunshine and rainbow filled share from @the_paige_diaries makes me so excited for warmer and dryer weather to get outside and explore our sensory trays in the sun. There is nothing better! Please find our ‘How to dye rice’ post in our RECIPES section.



Thank you for taking part in @oursensorykids RAINBOW challenge! 

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