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Stick Man

Stickman by Julia Donaldson is a wonderful winter theme story, that is all about families coming together at Christmas. It even features the fabulous Father C. himself! You follow Stickman through lots of sticky situations on a hunt to get back to his family for Christmas.

A lovely book to introduce the Christmas period. With wonderful rhyming verse and illustrations by Axel Scheffler, it paints a beautiful image in your mind and makes it very easy to read and share with others.

We found all of the props we needed around the classroom. It is more of a prop based story rather than a total multi-sensory experience. The props support understanding and engagement in the story.

We used the props, passing them around the circle as the adult at the from read the verse and showed the pictures. The children waited well and enjoyed watching their friends explore the props as they waited.

You will need:

A stickman – We just stuck cute tiny googley eyes on a stick we found, peeling off the excess branches and leaves, just leaving two arms in place. The kids loved exploring him and recognised him instantly.

A dog – We had a plastic dog toy in our animal box, if not you could use a sound button with a dog sound effect or fur material to feel.

A girl – We used a gorgeous The Puppet Company girl puppet to explore. The children enjoyed either reacting to an adult talking through the puppet or using their hand to use the puppet themselves. You could also use a water spray bottle as they throw Stickman in the river.

A swan – We used a plastic duck toy, but you could explore white feathers.

Carol singers – We shook bells. All children could access this.


Snowman – We explored artificial snow, salt and glitter mix. The children LOVED this part of the story! They got stuck into the snow tray. For the more defensive children, I sprinkled it in front of them and they enjoyed watching it glitter as it fell to the ground. You could also use cotton wool balls to avoid the mess.

Father Christmas – We explored and scrunched metallic Christmas wrapping paper. The Children related this to the presents in the picture and Christmas in general. You could also explore white/ red fur materials or have a sound button of ‘ho ho ho’.

You can find the entire story read aloud on Youtube by clicking here. We watched this as we explored the props to avoid too many words and lots of chatter for my more sensitive sensory kids. It can also be used to screen shot from to make a Powerpoint for your story.
I hope you enjoy recreating this wonderful winter tale. I would love to see your ideas and what you use to recreate your favourite winter themed stories. Please tag them on Instagram using the tag oursensorykids.