Our Sensory Kids


The Train Ride

This is such a cute story following a little girl on a steam train talking about what she sees on her journey. Lovely rhyming verses and very repetitive so perfect to engage little ones.

We started by setting out our train track and gathered items we had around the house for each page. 


As I read the story my sensory kiddo pushed the train around the track to find what the girl could see. He really listened to the adjectives like “tall hill” and “bumpy road” copying the actions with his train. 


I tried my best to find items with a variety of textures such as a balloon, feathers and foil to add a little interest too.  We also used our trusty brio train set and accessories, a conductors hat and a torch.

He was mega engaged. If I did it again I would play steam train sounds in the background to add another sensory element. 


It’s a lovely simple story. If you haven’t already buy it, borrow it, share it. 👍🏻