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There are loads of vibrating toys out there which do wonders for our sensory seeking kiddos, but you don't just want to be typing 'vibrating toys' into the search bar because, I promise you, you will not find what you are after!!

Vibration can benefit a few different sensory integration issues.

One being Tactile seeking or touch seeking. You will often see these kids on tiptoes (see more about this in our tiptoes entry here) or touching the walls as they walk passed them. These kids would probably prefer spikes and rough textured fabrics. They may prefer tight or heavy clothing. All they are doing through all of this is seeking sensory input through their tactile sense. Vibration is fabulous to support kids like I have described because the vibrations go through them  to their insides. A bit like when you are at a gig and you stand right by the speaker, the sound vibrations travel right through you. It allows them to concentrate on a given task because they will not be distracted by their sensory needs being met. It may calm them, relax them, help them settle. 

Another sense that vibration can help is proprioception. This is the sense which provides us with information regarding the position and location of our body parts. These children will also be the tiptoe walkers, jumping, running, rolling, rocking, wrestling kinds of children. They will struggle to sit and settle and may shake their body parts. It is all to know where they are in space. A bit like when you have been out and had far too much to drink and you lay down and have to put your foot on the floor to steady yourself (no? just me?) Well some of our sensory children feel like this most of the time. They are constantly trying to get feedback through their limbs to know where they are in order to walk, move, write, eat....etc. Again, vibrating toys give these kids the feedback they need to move through life without the constant need to give themselves the sensory input they need. I have found that these children can relax and are far more settled when using vibrating toys.

While vibration is very popular with many people, it is worth taking great care when introducing vibration to a new user as part of the attraction is the surprising ticklish vibrancy, which can be alarming. Do make sure your child is not tactile defensive when using strong vibration, it may really distress them and may even hurt them. Ease gently into the sensory play, watching your child carefully for discomfort. 

Vibrating toys tend to be inexpensive, so consider investing in rechargable batteries as vibration does quickly drain power.  

Below we have sourced our favoured, tried and tested products for you. Click on the images to go straight to buy.

(We are not paid to promote any of the products below, these are just our honest opinions.)

Sensory Vibrating Snake


Vibrating Bug Massager


Vibrating Back Massager


Vibrating Cushion


Shaking Animals


Bobble Ball


Vibrating Neck Pillow


Ark's Z-grabber


Vibrating Head Massager



We hope this helps you find what your sensory seeking kiddo needs to integrate and settle his sensory seeking behaviours. We would love you to share your favourite sensory vibrating toys too. Just comment down below.