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Whatever Next?

This story by Jill Murphy is one I am sure most of you have heard of and one you probably already love reading with your little ones… but have you ever tried making the book come alive?

All kids love a cardboard box to explore and this story is the perfect excuse to do just that.

This is my basic sensory story guide. They are not rules, just guidelines.
I sit my class in a semi-circle. I tell the story from the front, engaging the children by moving around and changing the dynamics of my voice. Each prop is passed around for the children to explore. Then at the end everyone gets a turn to be baby bear.

The ingredients for this sensory story are cheap and easy to find around your home.

Y O U  W I L L  N E E D

  • A large cardboard box
  • Teddy
  • Colander
  • Wellington boots
  • A ‘picnic’
  • An aeroplane toy
  • An owl toy
  • Warm flannel/sponge
  • Lantern or torch

I have seen on Pinterest some fantastic ideas on how to use cardboard boxes for sensory exploration- I have linked my Pinterest here.

Children often have the best ideas on how to explore. My kids wanted to play peek a boo, be squished in a flattened box, use it as a tunnel, make a hide away and finally rip it to shreds!!

Let me see what your lovely sensory kids get up to with their boxes by tagging me on Instagram using the tag #oursensorykids