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The importance of Nursery Rhymes

Why nursery rhymes?

1. It helps learn new language as it is repetitive and is often aided by actions.
2. It supports social skills. It is often a joint activity.
3. Hearing different sounds and rhyming words will help with segmenting and blending letters for phonics later on.
4. You learn early maths skills by counting down from 5 or 10 or up. Often fingers are used as actions too. This reinforces the learning.
5. Children learn to move to a beat or a rhythm. This not only supports their ear for spelling but for music and dance also.
6. Develops their confidence in learning. It is repetitive so you can’t really go wrong. It is also shared. More developed learners support the others.
7. It helps develop a strong bond between parent and baby. You share eye contact or hold hands as you sing…

They may be old fashioned and out dated but thy still have a very important place in early learning and child development. What rhyme is your favourite?