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Feelings Charts (5 pages)

Feelings Charts (5 pages)


You are purchasing a digital copy of our five page printable.

This pack includes:

  1. Lego feelings thermometer

  2. 2. Pocket sized “when i’m angry i can” and Lego feelings board (two sided)

  3. “Something is wrong” symbol board

  4. “When I am angry I can…” board

  5. Lego feelings poster

    All five pages print in A5 colour. They are all in PDF format.

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As you can see in the last few photos these items are completely user friendly and you can use them however you need.

My child requested an "angry box" to use whenever he needs to help himself calm. We stuck the "when i'm angry i can" board on top of a decorated shoe box with useful items inside chosen by him. The opportunities are endless, especially when you let them lead you.

If you need guidance in the support of these resources just ask by email at oursensorykids@gmail.com